How the horse's help us

The Horse's Role

How does it work?

In order to help us shift out of the old patterns of learnt behaviour, we have to become consciously aware of them and our thoughts. So the first thing the horse does is to Make us think.


Basically, we have to start the process of re-thinking our thoughts. Becoming aware of them, making them positive and proactive, rather than reactive.

Because horses are good at observing, they watch our actions and wait for our reactions. Body language speaks volumes and they're experts at reading it. Even the blink of an eye lid means something to them. Patiently, they'll wait for us to 'get it,' whatever that may be at the time. Once we've understood what we need, then it's time to move on.

This is a very simply process, made complicated by our own lack of understanding, of how we work.  We're the ones with the problems not them.

Once we get the hang of it, new thoughts and ideas begin to be created and processed by which we learn, to move our minds and our bodies. Little by little, step by step we begin to participate in our own process of learning by experience.

Horses stimulate us mentally, they get us to use our cognitive and creative skills. The whole experience is so empowering, emotionally uplifting and long lasting.

Why not try this wonderful method of Personal Self Development and Awareness for yourself?

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