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Thanks for visiting my web site. I hope the following information will be helpful and assist you in your quest for finding some answers. 


When my horses work with people they become the equine equivalent of a life coach. They work from their hearts with such honesty and integrity and most important of all, they help you to re-connect to yourself. Instead of telling you what to do, they lead you to a place where they help you to clear a way through the debris and clutter of your mind, old thought patterns and negative phrases into finding a clearer space and fresher approach, in order to find those answers you seek. All you need is a willingness to try something new and an open heart and mind.


There is only one winner or loser and that's you.The simple essence of them is honesty, in other words you can't lie to them. By being honest to them you're being honest to yourself.


I've been around horses all of my life and they've taught me all I know. I'm now putting over 50 years of experience as well as my skills as a hypnotherapist, into the practice of helping people overcome their problems, anxieties, worries, lack of confidence or self worth and many other issues that they're so good at helping us to recognise, understand and get to the bottom of. The results I witness and the observations I make never cease to amaze me.


The team of horses and ponies that I work with are one big happy herd and they like nothing better than to be given the opportunity to help us. They genuinely care for you as they patiently and gently lead you to a place where they can teach you what it is that you need to learn. Working with horses is experiential; that is, you learn from the experience. When you learn this way it becomes more powerful and lasts longer; sometimes a lifetime as the changes they help you to make are significant and life changing. How did we learn not to play with fire? By getting burnt.  


There are no agendas, targets to reach or boxes to tick. Their work is effective, powerful and mindful. What they offer with their own brand of honesty and integrity if you're ready, is an opportunity to step into a Golden Moment, where you can begin to change, re-connect and empower yourself.


There's only one person who can make the decision that will improve your life and that's you.


If you think that this therapy is worth a try, or you just want to try something new; maybe even be a little curious, then please give me a call on 01271 882123 or send me an e-mail: glover347@btinternet.com











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